Polluted Mashavera

ჟურნალისტი: ნანა ნასყიდაშვილი
Divider dot 28 იანვარი 2012

The investigation is about the environmental pollution by the only gold mining company in Georgia Madneuli. It pollutes not only the surrounding region but nearly the whole of Georgia. We seized different documents proving it. We found three pipes from which Madneuli’s polluted water runs down the hill and joins the river Mashavera.

The polluted water of the river is used for irrigation. Research by German and Georgian scientists about soil pollution in Mashavera river valley proves the risk of Heavy Metals transfer into the food chain. The local population is confused and is seeking help.

Fruits and vegetables from the polluted region are sold not only in that region but in other towns of Georgia and also in Tbilisi, the capital. In the long run, using such food may be harmful to health. The most dangerous HM is named to be cadmium. The statistics of diseases and the facts of officials lying during the interviews made the film interesting.

In spite of our phone calls for 2 months, no one at the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources agreed to give an interview about this problem. The Georgian Government seems to be loyal to the company. Madneuli’s ex-director became a parliament member 2 years ago. He holds a total share of the company that financed Hollywood films about the Georgian-Russian war.