Magda Memanishvili

Journalist: sandroasatiani
Divider dot 17 March 2014

web_MagdaMemanishviliMagda Memanishvili graduated from and received her academic degree at Ivane Javakhishvili State University in Tbilisi.

She has been pursuing journalism since 2004, working for the Khvalindeli Dghe (2002-2004), Akhali Versia (2004-2005), and Rezonansi (2005) newspapers and covering economic and social issues, including government spending and energy.  She also monitored municipal projects.

At the end of 2005, she joined the 60 Minutes investigative program at the Rustavi 2 TV company.  As part of this program, she produced two journalistic investigations.  One featured the state-owned Sakaeronavigatsia LLC under the Aviation Safety Agency of Georgia, while the other covered cases of governmental pressure on an independent business group.

Since 2007, Magda Memanishvili has worked as an investigative journalist for Studio Monitor.  She has authored almost twenty investigative pieces.  Several of her journalistic investigations have received local awards.

In addition, she has been pursuing teaching since 2004, leading journalistic investigation classes since 2008 and coverage of social issues since 2010.  She is the author of several academic articles and a journalistic investigation electronic course.